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Celebrate passion and romance by recreating one of the worlds most iconic paintings.

The Romantic art of Gustav Klimt hearkens to mind the gilded age of the Victorian era. Capturing the imagination of lovers and dreamers with images that evoke a breath taking tranquility and a subtle sense of loss.

Take an artistic adventure with artist and creative guide, Jerrel Sustaita. This step by step journey delves into the process, passion and themes of one of humankind’s most intimate expressions. The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt is easily one of the most recognizable images of the 21st century. It’s subtle lines and bold use of gold and color embodies the passion of lovers engaged in a kiss that will last for all time. This painting experience will be fun and challenging for creatives of all levels.

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Hosted by Theocentric Guild & Outreach

4324 North Belt Line Road, Suite  C208

Irving, TX 75038


Best of 2017 Issue: Outsider Artist

Critic’s choice: Jerrel Sustaita. If we had to guess how many paintings Jerrel Sustaita has made, based on every time we’ve seen him make a painting, we would say 500, and we’d probably be off by a thousand. From street corners to street fairs, courtyards to city squares, parks to riverbanks, Jerrel paints and sculpts. No subject has escaped his gaze or his canvas, and his work ethic and dedication epitomize the hustle. He was recently a part of the These Are My Friends exhibit at Shipping & Receiving and featured on Channel 8 for his paintings of the now-removed Robert E. Lee sculpture in Dallas. Undaunted by his nonacademic style or lack of gallery representation, Jerrel continues to be a big part of the art scene here and beyond.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

10:30am - 12:30am